Florida Realtors News

  • Fla.'s housing market: More sales, rising prices in Jan. February 22, 2017
    Positive trends: Single-family home sales rose 5.2% year-to-year, median price up 10.1% to $220,000. Condo sales rose 6.2% and median price up 6.6% to $161,000.
  • NAR: Existing-home sales jump in January February 22, 2017
    National existing home sales increased in Jan. to the fastest pace in almost 10 years, says NAR. Total existing home sales (all types) rose 3.3% month-to-month and 3.8% year-to-year thanks to "robust sales activity," according to NAR's chief economist.
  • Landlord sues Airbnb in spat over subletting February 22, 2017
    If a lease doesn't allow tenants to rent out their unit, can Airbnb legally advertise them if a tenant chooses to do so anyway? A large apartment owner says no.
  • For many, 'aging in place' is a bad idea February 22, 2017
    Study: Most older adults don't want to move, but many should: 66% of homes aren't accessible for someone with physical limitations and upgrades are expensive.
  • Study: Blogging top tool for driving website traffic February 22, 2017
    A HubSpot study found that blogging attracts more eyes to a website, but only at the 5-10 articles per month level. Four won't do it, and 11+ gets top results.
  • Fortune magazine: The 'most admired' home builders February 22, 2017
    A home's builder is a brand name, but some builders impress buyers more than others, so Fortune magazine created a "most admired" list. At the top: Toll Brothers.
  • NAHB: Home affordability favorable but at eight-year low February 21, 2017
    When comparing home prices and local incomes, Fla. has the U.S.'s 46th most affordable city (Homosassa Springs) and the 15th least affordable city (Miami metro).
  • Can U.S. approve more mortgages without more risk? February 21, 2017
    CFPB, the nation's consumer bureau, hopes to help dependable, credit-iffy people qualify for a mortgage by adding "alternative data" to credit score calculations. Through comments, it hopes to identify potential benefits and unforeseen risks.
  • Homeowner tax breaks: It's not just the property February 21, 2017
    Typical homeowner tax deductions are often enough to bump taxpayers from the IRS short form to long form – and once there, even non-home things become deductible.
  • No mortgage due to 'thin' credit: What does that mean? February 21, 2017
    A buyer was told her credit was too "thin," meaning her credit report had too little info to create a credit score. But there are ways around the problem.