Anti-Trust Policy Statement

The policy of the Pinellas REALTOR® Organization is to adhere to all laws and to encourage and insist that members faithfully adhere to these laws at meetings and avoid even the appearance of unlawful action.

The following topics shall not be discussed in formal or informal meetings:

  • Price (discussing of price or price levels)
  • Commission rates
  • Commission splits
  • Market allocation
  • Discounting
  • Competitors’ business practices
  • Boycotting any member
  • Denying services to any member
  • Denying participation by any member

Antitrust violations occur when:

  • Two or more persons from the same industry or profession discuss suppliers, processes, prices or operations. Remove yourself from any conversation that would change how business is conducted because of a joint-agreement among competitors.
  • Two or more persons or entities refuse to maintain a relationship with a third party for the purpose of inducing the third party to conform its behavior to the desires of the boycotters.
  • Attempting to reduce or eliminate competition. Coercion or elimination by collectively refusing to deal with a broker until he/she conforms conduct or goes out of business.
  • Exerting pressure on another party by collectively withholding or inducing others to withhold goods, services or patronage essential to the competitor’s economic survival.

Association meetings: Associations are groups of competitors who come together to promote their common business interests. As such, they are vulnerable to allegations that agreements by members to use identical business practices are illegal conspiracies.

Avoid problems by: Remaining alert to discussions at meetings relating to commission rates, pricing structures, listing policies, or marketing practices of other brokers.