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Automatic Dues Prepayment Option

About automatic prepayment

We understand how changes in the real estate market can impact your income from month to month. Hundreds of members are currently enrolled in our membership dues pre-payment program, and it’s helping them budget AND stay active in the business.

You have the option to pay off your 2025 dues monthly, automatically, via credit or debit card. We will automatically charge the card on the 15th of each month or the next business day.

Already enrolled?
Existing participants will have one-twelfth of their 2025 annual dues charged to their debit or credit card on the fifteenth of each month. They must be sure to keep their credit or debit card information current in their online payment profile.

Ready to enroll?
First you must add your card to your account, then email Vice President of Finance Rob Olmstead at with “AUTOPAY” in the subject line and let us know that you’d like to prepay your dues automatically.


If your card is declined for a monthly payment, you may update the card and catch up your payments at any time. We must receive all payments for 2025 by December 15, 2024. 

Yes. Stellar MLS bills for their full fiscal year in April and you pay your MLS fees to them.
It is the member’s responsibility to keep current credit or debit card info on file.
We can start your automatic payments at any time, but your first payment must bring you up to date to cover the months you have already missed. Payments will then drop to the regular payment for the remaining months.
Since you are prepaying your fees for the next period, any accrued payments are fully refundable until the beginning of that period.

Payment schedule

1/18/22 $509.00 12% 12% $61.08 $61.08
2/15/22 $509.00 20% 8% $40.72 $101.80
3/15/22 $509.00 28% 8% $40.72 $142.52
4/15/22 $509.00 36% 8% $40.72 $183.24
5/16/22 $509.00 44% 8% $40.72 $223.96
6/15/22 $509.00 52% 8% $40.72 $264.68
7/15/22 $509.00 60% 8% $40.72 $305.40
8/15/22 $509.00 68% 8% $40.72 $346.12
9/15/22 $509.00 76% 8% $40.72 $386.84
10/17/22 $509.00 84% 8% $40.72 $427.56
11/15/22 $509.00 92% 8% $40.72 $468.28
12/15/22 $509.00 100% 8% $40.72 $509.00
*This example table uses figures representing typical membership dues based on combined state, national, and local membership dues, and may vary depending on where a member holds primary membership, their voluntary contributions, and other factors.

How to add your card to your account

Log into your member account on
Your Login ID is your National REALTOR® Database Service (NRDS) number.
If you do not know your password, click “Forgot your password?” and the system will email it to you.
Once you are in the portal, on the left side, Select “Manage Credit Cards”
On the next page, under “Credit Card Information,” select “Add a New Credit Card.”
Then, enter all your billing into. All fields are required.
Check the box for “Dues Prepayment Plan”
Click "Submit." That's it!
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