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Who we are

Working for a large local REALTOR® association presents opportunities for professional growth in many disciplines, from customer service to executive leadership. Our departments include Member Support, Professional Development, Professional Standards, Advocacy, Communications, and Accounting, as well as management and office staff.

PRO/CPRO is a non-profit trade organization whose purpose is to serve our area’s 9,000+ REALTOR® members, as part of the three-way agreement between the national, state, and local REALTOR® associations.

So, what is a REALTOR® member? In short, real estate agents and brokers who’ve committed to uphold the Code of Ethics which sets higher standards than the legal requirements to practice real estate. The association provides members with educational opportunities, networking events, market insights / statistics, legislative advocacy, community outreach / charitable opportunities, mediation services, leadership opportunities, and more. All of these things require a dedicated and creative support staff.

Our culture

Working for a large non-profit with over 100 years of history offers the stability and confidence of an established brand, without the impersonal cut-throat culture often encountered in the for-profit “rat race”! Part of the satisfaction of association employment is knowing your efforts and ideas make real, visible impact in an industry vital to thousands of people in your own community.

Staff enjoy a comfortable, quiet office environment that is a largely “business casual” in most respects. Departments work closely with each other to achieve mutual goals, which means every staff member has exposure to new disciplines. It’s not uncommon for association staff to stay within the REALTOR® family throughout their lifelong career, moving not just upwards, but eventually across departments and to other associations.

Full-time employees enjoy competitive benefits, including health/life/dental/vision insurance + HSA, 401k, vacation, PTO, CoL increases, and professional development opportunities, as well as the intangible benefits of a work environment and leadership that values one’s well-being and the importance of prioritizing family and personal time.

Networking and community outreach are important for our members, and staff share in these opportunities. A “people person” will fit right in. Our association values the importance of diversity in all its forms, which is a reflection of the values of our industry and the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.


There are no current job openings at this time.