Designations and Specialty Training

Designation Course Information
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Adding Designations
If you would like to update your member profile with information regarding designations you have earned, please fax us a copy of your certificate at 727-231-8060 to verify your designation.

This information will be added to our searchable membership directory.  

Importance of Designations
Realtors® who hold a designation are not only perceived as more credible, but on average they earn more annually. 

Professional development is essential to continually improving the knowledge and performance of those real estate professionals engaged in the transaction. In addition to the state requirements for continuing education, Realtors® demonstrate they are dedicated to their profession and to the ongoing improvement of their skills through a significant number of hours devoted to more education and training. Realtors® should also attain higher level certifications offered by the National Association of Realtors® and its various institutes, societies and councils. According to NAR, designations show consumers your commitment to the industry and can provide a number of career benefits. Your fellow members couldn’t agree more! 

PRO member Sue Flaig (who holds designations CRB, LTG, CRS, and GRI) says, “we owe it to ourselves and the industry to further educate ourselves.” 

Take the time to learn why you should earn one, or all, of the NAR-endorsed designations!





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