Dues FAQs

Local, State and National Dues are due December 1st and become delinquent on December 31st.

Membership to PRO is voluntary and based on the membership of the broker that you are affiliated with. When your broker joined PRO he or she agreed that every licensee who affiliates with him/her will also join PRO. If as an affiliated licensee you decide not to be a member, your broker’s dues obligation will be increased to reflect the addition of a non-member licensee. Refer to the PRO bylaws, Article X Section 3B.

The dues invoice includes the annual dues for the Pinellas Realtor® Organization, Florida Association of Realtors® and the National Association of Realtors®. Please review your invoice for the current fees. In addition, there is the opportunity to make a contribution to the PRO Foundation and RPAC. These are voluntary fees but you must change the contribution amount to zero to opt out.  

The Realtors® Political Action Committee (RPAC) is your best investment to protect your real estate career. Through your voluntary contribution, you join thousands of your peers across the state and the nation in influencing long-term growth and stability of the real estate profession. RPAC supports and educates pro-Realtor® candidates on legislative issues that impact your business most. It is also used to support or defend against ballot issues important to Realtors®. RPAC ensures the Realtor® position is heard and that you have a seat at the table. If you are involved and supporting RPAC, you help prevent bad legislation, crippling regulations, and rules that put unreasonable demands on your business. Join the team and support RPAC today

In the PRO online payment center the amount in the voluntary RPAC contribution field can be changed. Let’s say that you want to contribute at the Sterling R level by giving $1,000. When paying your dues online in the payment center, you will click on the word “Change Contribution Amount” to the left of the $99/$25, the next screen will let you make the change, (there could be a slight delay) Highlight the $99/$25, delete the $99/$25 amount, enter $1,000 and tab down to the total field. You will see the amount change on the next screen. The new contribution amount will be included in the amount charged to your credit card or checking account.

Once the transaction is processed, the RPAC contribution is sent to FR. PRO does not have the ability to refund RPAC contributions.

PRO’s Online Payment Center accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

The bylaws for NAR, FR and PRO do not have a provision for monthly payments. Article X Section 3A of the PRO bylaws states that “dues for all members shall be payable annually in advance on the first day of December.”

The online payment center accepts checks. Go on to the online payment center, select the invoices you want to pay, click on “Choose Payment Options” and you can choose either “Credit Card” or “TeleCheck” as your payment option. Follow the instructions for using the TeleCheck option.

The driver’s license information is used for security purposes. It is used to verify your identity and to protect you from check fraud. PRO does not retain any of your checking account information in its system. Each time you use the TeleCheck option, you will need to reenter all of your account information.

PRO is not set-up to receive online payment from your bank. You can make online payments through PRO’s online payment center. Click here to access PRO’s online payment center.

The 2018 Dues Billing Disclosure is available in PDF here.