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Flexible Dues Prepayment Option

About flexible prepayment

We understand how changes in the real estate market can impact your income from month to month. Hundreds of members are currently enrolled in our membership dues pre-payment program, and it’s helping them budget AND stay active in the business.

You have the option to pay off your 2023 dues monthly, automatically, via credit or debit card. We will automatically charge the card on the 15th of each month or the next business day.

Already enrolled?
Existing participants will see their 2023 membership dues invoice in their account on January 3, 2022 and will continue to be charged around the 15th of every month.

Ready to enroll?
First you must add your card to your account, then email Finance Director Rob Olmstead at with “AUTOPAY” in the subject line and let us know that you’d like to enroll in the flexible pre-payment of dues.

Want to pay it off ahead of schedule?
You can pay off your 2023 membership dues at any time prior to the final due date in December.

We have no indication at this time of any increase(s) in dues for 2023. If an increase were to occur, we will advise you immediately and the increase will be absorbed into your remaining prepayment(s).

Payment schedule

1/18/22 $509.00 12% 12% $61.08 $61.08
2/15/22 $509.00 20% 8% $40.72 $101.80
3/15/22 $509.00 28% 8% $40.72 $142.52
4/15/22 $509.00 36% 8% $40.72 $183.24
5/16/22 $509.00 44% 8% $40.72 $223.96
6/15/22 $509.00 52% 8% $40.72 $264.68
7/15/22 $509.00 60% 8% $40.72 $305.40
8/15/22 $509.00 68% 8% $40.72 $346.12
9/15/22 $509.00 76% 8% $40.72 $386.84
10/17/22 $509.00 84% 8% $40.72 $427.56
11/15/22 $509.00 92% 8% $40.72 $468.28
12/15/22 $509.00 100% 8% $40.72 $509.00
*This example table uses figures representing typical membership dues based on combined state, national, and local membership dues, and may vary depending on where a member holds primary membership, their voluntary contributions, and other factors.

How to add your card to your account

Log into your member account on
Your Login ID is your National REALTOR® Database Service (NRDS) number.
If you do not know your password, click “Forgot your password?” and the system will email it to you.
Once you are in the portal, on the left side, Select “Manage Credit Cards”
On the next page, under “Credit Card Information,” select “Add a New Credit Card.”
Then, enter all your billing into. All fields are required.
Check the box for “Dues Prepayment Plan”
Click "Submit." That's it!
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Yes. REALTOR® association membership dues are separate from MLS fees. You pay your annual MLS fee directly to Stellar MLS, not PRO/CPRO.
We will notify you of the declined payment and you may clarify the issue with your credit card company or enter a new card into your portal. We will catch up your payments on the next payment date as long as you have valid and current credit/debit card information in your membership portal.
The default invoice includes suggested contributions, which are not mandatory. If you wish to modify or remove these amounts, please fill out this form .
We will email you in advance if the credit card you have on file is set to expire, and you can update the expiration date or enter a new card.

Members who join and set up a credit card for automatic payment will pay the accumulated percentage for the month they start (12% in January, 20% in February, 28% in March, and so forth). After their first payment, the remaining months will be at 8%.

All fees are refundable through the end of 2021. Once the 2022 starts, the fees will not be refundable, as per NAR, FR, and PRO/CPRO policy

Same as above. All fees are refundable through the end of 2021. Once the 2022 starts, the fees will not be refundable, as per NAR, FR, and PRO/CPRO policy.