Lockbox Policy

A Member Service of the Pinellas Realtor® Organization

A lockbox is a container affixed to a property containing a device to gain access to the property being marketed by a REALTOR®. Other REALTORS® are authorized under certain conditions to open these lockboxes under terms specified by the listing broker. Cooperating brokers and sales licensees, functioning in any type of legal brokerage relationship with potential purchasers, must contact the listing broker to disclose their brokerage relationship status and to arrange appointments to show the listed property even if the property has a lockbox affixed to it, unless the listing broker has given specific permission (through information published in a multiple listing service or otherwise) to show the property without first contacting the listing broker. Lockboxes are not security devices but are a convenience by which to expedite the showing of property. Nothing shall prevent the owner’s right to refuse to have a lockbox on his property.

The key system offered through Pinellas Realtor® Organization (PRO) is a member service available to REALTOR® members and to certain affiliate members who are actively engaged in a recognized field of real estate practice or in related fields. Affiliate members shall have access through Call Before Showing Codes (CBS Codes) for Active Key users or full access by using their personal smartphone for key access. PRO members must agree to comply with all the provisions of keyholder and lockbox contractual vendor agreements and leases and with the rules, policies and security requirements for lockbox use. Violation of these rules, policies or security requirements shall result in fines or in loss of the privilege of using a lockbox key or the lockbox system.

Lockbox System

PRO has an exclusive contract with SUPRA Products, a NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS’® (NAR) approved vendor as the lockbox vendor. This system meets the minimum security measures adopted by NAR and by PRO.

The system includes:

1.SUPRA electronic keys are the devices used to open lockboxes throughout all of central Florida. There are two types of keys:

ActiveKEYs are wireless lockbox keys that automatically update to the lockbox system. These keys are issued to members under a lease agreement with Supra.

eKEYs operate on your personal smart phones or personal data assistant.

2.iBox (lockbox) The iBox uses infrared technology to communicate with the keys. The lockbox key records entry into properties and transmits the information to the system. The iBox is compatible with a large number of smartphones and personal data assistants.

3.SupraWEB is the site where lockbox users may log on and view tutorials, get information about eKey compatible devices, pay bills, and access reports.

4.Reciprocal access. The lockbox system also provides access to iBoxes located throughout Central Florida, extending from Sarasota County to Hernando County and east to west from Pinellas County through Orlando.

Issuance of ActiveKEYs and Equipment

Active keys are issued through PRO to an individual under a lease agreement with SUPRA. Under no circumstances shall anyone other than the keyholder have use of the key. Keys shall not be shared, loaned, or given to any other person to use to enter a property.

To be issued a key, members must read and execute a lease agreement, pay the required fees, and attend training on the use of the key.

PRO will refuse to lease lockbox keys, may terminate existing key lease agreements, and will refuse to activate or reactivate any key held by an individual convicted of a felony or misdemeanor if the crime, in the determination of the Association relates to the real estate business or puts clients, customers, or other real estate professionals at risk.

No member shall be required to lease a lockbox key from the Association. Leasing a lockbox key is on a voluntary basis.

Keys shall be deactivated by the Association for non-payment of key fees or membership dues. Keys may be deactivated for noncompliance with Code of Ethics sanctions or sanctions for violations of membership duties. Lost, stolen or missing keys will be deactivated when reported to the Association.

Return of ActiveKEYs and Equipment

Leased ActiveKEYs must be returned to the Association when a member no longer desires to use the system or has failed to pay the Key fees or membership dues, or is not in compliance with a Code of Ethics sanction or a sanction for violation of a membership duty. The lease can only be cancelled upon the return of the leased equipment. If the leased equipment is not returned, the member or former member shall owe a $249 equipment charge plus all applicable taxes. (The exception to this policy is when the PRO member is transferring to GTAR or WPBOR. In either of these cases, the PRO member may request that his ActiveKEY service be terminated by PRO and then take that ActiveKEY to either of the above named associations for activation of SUPRA service by that association. This process will avoid additional activation and insurance fees until the next annual lease fee is due.)

Replacement Insurance

Replacement insurance may be purchased for $25 annually to cover the cost of lost or stolen equipment. If no insurance is purchased, the cost to replace the equipment is $249 plus all applicable taxes.

Lockbox Procedures to Enter a Property

These are the procedures for using the lockbox system:

Access to Property

All members who use a lockbox key must

  • Contact the listing broker unless given other specific instructions whether in a multiple listing service or otherwise.
  • Disclose their brokerage relationship or other status to the listing broker.
  • Arrange an appointment to show or enter the property.

Note: The fact that a property has a lockbox available for use does not authorize any keyholder to enter or show the property without first contacting the listing broker.

Leaving the Property

All property keys or other entry devices must be returned to the lockbox container. Under no circumstances are property keys or entry devices to be given to anyone at any time. They are available to enter the property as specified in these rules only.

Lockbox Breach of Security

The lockbox security requirements of the National Association of REALTORS®, as from time to time amended, are hereby adopted and made a part of these Rules and Regulations.

An automatic $5,000 fine OR a $1,000 fine and use of an eKEY only will be assessed for any of the following violations listed below. Lockbox privileges will be suspended until the member fully complies with either sanction.

  • Giving the property keys or access devices obtained from the lockbox container to any individual whatsoever.
  • Placing the PIN on the key.
  • Leaving the PIN in the key pouch.
  • Writing the PIN on the instruction card.
  • Writing the PIN where it is accessible if lost or stolen.
  • Allowing anyone (spouse, significant other, team member, personal assistant, etc., other than keyholder) to use the PIN or key.

A $100 fine will be automatically assessed for:

  • Failure to replace the property key or other access device back in the lockbox.

 Suspension and Fines

A member who receives a suspension or fine may request a hearing before the Professional Standards Committee of the Pinellas Realtor® Organization by filing a written request for such a hearing.

Lost or Stolen Keys

These procedures are adopted in compliance with the National Association of REALTORS®.

A. Keyholders must report to PRO immediately a potential breach of the system and lost or stolen keys.

B. Keyholders must report stolen keys to the police department prior to being issued a replacement key. Keyholders must provide PRO with a copy     of the police report as soon as possible.

C. PRO will issue replacement ActiveKEYs under the terms of the SUPRA ActiveKEY agreement.