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Voting is underway for the PRO/CPRO + GTR unification!

Logos & Trademarks

Protect the value of your membership by protecting our marks.

The PRO/CPRO brand


Our full proper name is:
Pinellas REALTOR® Organization & Central Pasco REALTOR® Organization

Prefixing the word “The” before the name isn’t strictly prohibited, but it isn’t part of the name or brand.

PRO/CPRO is the current official abbreviated name of our association. This replaces past iterations (“PRO” and “PRO & CPAR”).
“PRO/CPRO supports fair housing.”

However, PRO and CPRO may still be used separately to indicate the physical office locations (Clearwater and Lutz, respectively).
“The event will be held at the PRO office on Friday.”

In official publishing, it must be stated somewhere that Central Pasco REALTOR® Organization is a chapter of Pinellas REALTOR® Organization.


This most current logo replaces all other previous iterations:

Our logo’s hexadecimal colors are:

  Blue: #29348E
  Yellow: #F8DD08
  White: #FFFFFF


With most desktop browsers, you can right-click and select “Save link as…” to download these files to your desired destination:

.SVG – Vector (web)
.EPS – Vector (print)
.JPG (JPEG) – Raster, white background (print/web)
.PNG – Raster, transparent (print/web)
.PNG (white lettering) – Raster, transparent for black/dark backgrounds (print/web)

Usage guidelines:

PRO/CPRO is your association! You are a member, and it is made of, by, and for, its members.

  • You may freely use our name and logo to signify your membership, in accordance with usage directions (below).
  • As an individual member or broker member, you may NOT use the PRO/CPRO name or logo in any way to:
    • state or imply employment, or a business relationship, with PRO/CPRO ( unless such an arrangement has been made)
    • state or imply endorsement of a business, event, individual, presentation, class, or cause (unless such an arrangement has been made)


The minimum area of isolation (outside spacing) is equal to the height of letter P in “PINELLAS”, on the top, right, and bottom edges of the blue elements, and equal to twice the height of the letter P on the leftmost edge of the blue elements:


Do NOT alter or edit the logo design, font, or color, whether all or in part. This includes:

  • Skewing, distorting, or upsampling raster files
  • Converting to black/white/greyscale in a full color medium
  • Adding stylistic elements such as outlines, shadows, etc.

If you need a file type or file size that hasn’t been provided on this page, or if you feel your context has a justifiable exception to a stated guideline, or if you have any questions about best practices and acceptable use, please reach out to our Communications Department.

National Association of REALTORS® membership marks


A REALTOR® is a member of the National Association of REALTORS®. The preferred form of the REALTOR® marks is in all capital letters and with the federal registration symbol ‘®.’ Non-members are never authorized to use the REALTOR® marks or logo in connection with their real estate business.

There are more guidelines for usage, from advertising to social media to website URLs. Protect yourself by becoming familiar with them.

Learn more at or download NAR’s Membership Mark Manual PDF

The REALTOR® logo

As a REALTOR®, you can use the REALTOR® membership mark to help identify yourself as a member of the National Association of REALTORS®. To help protect the power the NAR brand, please read and follow our guidelines once you’ve selected the logo you want to use.