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Update your contact info, transfer to another broker, pay your dues, and more

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Visit our Join or Restart Page for new PRO/CPRO membership, restarting membership, transfers, broker/appraiser office openings, and more.

Visit our Licensing & Continuing Education Page to learn prelicensing requirements and options available, broker requirements, instructor requirements, and Continuing Education (CE) opportunities.

Follow these steps:

  1. Your new broker needs to transfer your license to their office within the DBPR at
  2. Verify that your license has been transferred by searching for your license at
    Per state regulations we cannot process your transfer request until your license has been transferred by DBPR. 
  3. Complete the PRO/CPRO Transfer Form. (A $25.00 REALTOR® transfer fee will apply. If you’re transferring an assistant, an additional $25.00 fee will apply.
  4. If you have active listings, Stellar MLS will not transfer them. You have two options:
    1. With the approval of the originating and receiving brokers, withdraw the listings prior to filling out the PRO agent transfer form and re-input them after your transfer process is complete. (This is the only option available when transferring from one board to another. Listings cannot be transferred between associations). Once you change offices, you will not be able to edit listings assigned to your former brokerage.
    2. Engage PRO/CPRO to transfer your listings.  Click here for more information and pricing

Note: Listings cannot be transferred from one association to another. Those listings must be withdrawn and relisted.

If you have active listings, Stellar MLS will not transfer them.

Click here for info, instructions, and payment form

If you wish to terminate your membership with PRO/CPRO, please complete the following steps:

  1. Have your broker remove your license from their office in the DBPR by going to For detailed instructions, please click here. By following these instructions the license will be removed instantly.
  2. To cancel an eKEY, please call us at (727) 347-7655. Select the Membership prompt. NOTE: Terminating membership with PRO/CPRO will not cancel your eKEY service. We must receive notification from you to cancel your eKEY.
  3. Keyboxes may only be transferred out of PRO/CPRO if you are transferring your membership to GTR or W. Pasco. Please complete the Supra BT Keykbox Transfer Form 2 and send a copy to and W. Pasco or GTR. If you give or sell your Keyboxes to another PRO member please complete the BT Keybox Transfer Form.

Please allow 1 to 2 business days to process your termination.

Click here to access the unlicensed assistant application and other MLS Administrative User (Unlicensed Assistant) information.

Please email your designation to

Click here to learn more about NAR designations and certifications.