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MLS Listing Transfers

How to move a listing between brokers

Stellar MLS will NOT transfer active listings

You have two options:

  1. Withdraw the listings prior to filling out the agent transfer form and re-input them after your agent transfer process is complete, with the approval of the originating and receiving brokers.
    • This is the only option available when transferring from one board to another.
    • Listings cannot be transferred between associations.
    • Once you change offices, you will not be able to edit listings assigned to your former brokerage.
  2. Engage PRO/CPRO to transfer your listings.
    Fees vary depending on total amount of listings to be transferred. See chart below for pricing.

If you decide to have PRO/CPRO transfer your listings*:

    1. Fill out the PRO/CPRO Listing Transfer Form and have both brokers sign.
    2. Engage PRO to transfer your listings. Fees apply based on the number of listings using this form: MLS Listing Transfer Payment form.

Note: *Listings cannot be transferred from one association to another. Those listings must be withdrawn and relisted.

1-5 Listings $25
6-10 $50
11-15 $75
16-20 $100
21-25 $125
26-30 $150
31-35 $175
36-40 $200