New PRO REALTOR® Members

Only fill out this form if you have never been a REALTOR® before. 

Costs of Joining the Pinellas REALTOR® Organization


Rates Effective October 1st, 2020:

PRO Processing Fee $150.00
FAR Processing Fee $30.00
National Dues – (October 2020 thru December 2020) $72.50
FAR Dues – (October 2020 thru December 2020) $59.00
Local Dues – (October 2020 thru December 2020) $52.00
Stellar MLS Member Set Up Fee $95.00
Stellar MLS – October 2020 thru May 2021 $233.34
PRO Local Service Center Fee – October 2020 thru May 2021 $67.33
Total Fees before October 17 $759.17
Total Fees after October 17 (will include Prorated 2021 Dues) $1,268.17

The proration will charge you for the full month you join, even if it is at or near the end of that month. To give you a better value for your money, you might consider waiting to join until the beginning of the month.

In order to complete the application process please have your Credit Card ready for payment (We accept all major credit cards). We also accept checks through telecheck (personal checks only).

Please allow 2 business days for processing of this application. Payment must be received before this membership can be activated. (Dues and Fees are not refundable). An E-mail confirmation will be sent after the application has been processed with instructions to complete the membership process.