Policy for Statistics

Use of Statistical Information and Reports:

PRO statistics reports, charts and all data within are proprietary, copyrighted materials, provided as a member benefit to members of the Pinellas Realtor® Organization. Members of PRO may use (copy, paste and print) PRO statistics information and reports for offline distribution to consumers. Additionally, members may reference information and data within provided reports for articles published digitally and in print.

For all uses of PRO statistics materials, PRO must be listed as the source of the statistics information.

Online Publication and Distribution of Statistics Reports:

Publishing PRO’s statistical reports on individual members’ websites, blogs, and other online platforms is prohibited. Instead, members may link to a monthly news release provided to members and media outlets. A permanent link to the latest news release is provided here.

If you have any other questions related to our statistics reports, please do not hesitate to contact dbennett@tampabayrealtor.com