Premium Tools

These are products and services available to you because you are a REALTOR® member. These fee based items can help you conduct business more efficiently.


Used with MFRMLS’s Transaction Desk, this service is a secure online document signing service that enables multiple parties to participate and sign documents online. The signed documents are protected using the trusted U.S. Postal Service Electronic Postmark, a tamper detector and security service that dates and time stamps electronic documents and files. Click here to learn more.

Cloud CMA

This a product available through MFRMLS that uses your MLS data and blends it with community and lifestyle information from multiple data sources on the internet to create custom MLS reports for buyers, sellers and prospects. It can help you generate custom listing presentations in seconds even from your phone, help broadcast listing content for Facebook, Twitter and social media outlets, obtain instant buyer response and lead generation, and more. Click here to learn more.


This is the official and exclusive electronic signature provider to the National Association of REALTORS®. It is a way to sign, send, and then store documents in the “cloud.” Click here to learn more.


This is the broadest network for listing distribution and brings realty firms a comprehensive system for maximizing listing exposure. It provides agents with all of the control, reports, analytics, and marketing tools necessary for driving an effective online advertising program. Click here to learn more.


With a PROSite website you can brand yourself by giving your site the exact look that represents your business. With an integrated blog built into PROSites, you will be able to connect with your clients through Social Media. Keeping connected with your clients is essential for building business relationships with your clients. Click here to learn more.

Supra Lockbox System

This is your tool for showing listings. Use an ActiveKEY or an eKEY to show properties and track activity with the networked electronic KeyBox system from Supra. Click here to learn about your options.

World Property JOURNAL (WPJ) News Syndication Service

Start building up your website or blog’s audience with WPC’s fresh, daily, and automated real estate news feeds – for only about $.27 per day. We negotiated a deep discount with WPC to save you time and money. Having fresh content on your site is key, and WPC’s service takes the stress of creating that new content away. Click here to learn more.