PROFarm is your opportunity to position yourself as the professional, neighborhood-centric Realtor® you are!



  • PRO postcards 
    (77 cents per card + $6.99/month subscription fee)
    All content created by PRO. The topics range from flood insurance to schools grades to talking about the market. We also do a quarterly Pinellas County market statistics postcard. This package also includes scripts and copy-and-paste text in addition to a graphic for your use (website, blog, newsletter, emails, social media, phone calls, flyers, etc.). In addition, you’ll have our support via a monthly conference call to review the current campaign.
  • Custom postcards
    (70 cents per card + $6.99/month subscription fee)
    Your choice – custom personal promotion or property promotion cards, or whatever you’d like! This package does not include scripts, copy-and-paste text or the conference call.
  • Add a second postcard to the same route
    (67 cents per card and no additional subscription fee)
    Once you’ve signed up for the PRO postcards or the custom postcards, you can add a second custom card to the same route! For example: get the PRO cards for 77 cents per card, then add a custom card for 67 cents per card and pay just one $6.99/month subscription fee! Your card will mail to the same route, but two weeks apart from your first card. The second card does not include scripts, copy-and-paste text or the conference call.

Postal routes are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.  


Subscribing to PROFarm is Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Decide which postal route code(s) you want to buy.

You will use a United States Postal Service (USPS) map at this link:(
to select a zip code and a route within that zip code. NOTE: DO NOT purchase the routes from this USPS site!

Each zip code has multiple routes within it that include adjacent streets. It is the route you are looking for. Within the route there will be a number of drops, or residences, and that is the “farm” area you will work with. Your billing will be a set amount per piece each month, based on the number of drops in your postal route.  

How to Choose Your PROFarm EDDM Route Code Tutorial 

Once you’ve decided which routes you are interested in mailing to, write them down or make note of them in some way, including the zip code and number and letter combination after the zip code (example: 33704-C024). You will need this information for your PROFarm application. We recommend you select up to 10 routes in case your first choice is not available. Route codes only appear in the “Show Table” tab. 

2. Complete the online subscription form.

Just complete the online form to subscribe. This is where you will tell us what personalized contact info you want on your cards, and which route or routes you want. There is no contract, no subscription term, and no obligation. Just let us know (by the 1st of each month for the PRO cards) if you want to send a card that month or not!

You will also be asked to upload a head shot and your company logo at this time, so have that ready to go! We’ll need high quality .jpg files.

When you submit the online form you will see a green check mark and “Thank You!” that shows your form was successfully submitted. Now just wait to hear from our team!

3. The PROFarm Team will contact you to confirm your route(s).

Next, the PROFarm Team will call or email you to let you know which route(s) you got! We will get busy setting up the personalized part of your postcard and will send you a proof for your edits or approval.

As soon as you approve your postcard personalization we will get your first card queued up to send for the next mailing! Once you have your card set up, you will only need to let us know if there is a change that affects your card, like a new head shot or phone number.

That’s it! Now Work Your Farm!

 Questions? Contact us at