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Items may be purchased in person between 8:30am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday at both our PRO (Clearwater) and CPRO (Lutz) locations, or via telephone.

Prices quoted are for members only. Subject to change. The items pictured below represent the typical items we carry. Actual stock may vary. No refunds or exchanges. All sales are final.

Pick up your orders 24/7! (PRO location only)

Now when you order a store item over the phone, a member liaison will tell you the number of the locker that your item(s) will be in.

Simply use your Supra eKEY to open the locker’s keybox to grab the key and open the locker. You can pick up your purchased items at PRO! (CPRO orders must be picked up in-person between 8:30am and 4:30pm.)

Keybox Store Pickup photo

REALTOR®-branded Face Masks - White and Black

We now have the popular REALTOR® face masks for sale, courtesy of the Pinellas REALTOR® Foundation. Purchased masks will be mailed within 5 business days. Mask proceeds will go back into the Pinellas REALTOR® Foundation. Learn more about the Pinellas REALTOR® Foundation here.
Individual = $10.00 ea.
10 Masks = $80.00
25 Masks = $175.00
50 Masks = $250.00
Featured item!

LockBox Buddy

$29.95 - At PRO location only

Social Distance / Mask Sign


Door Tags - 3”x 8” - Face Masks

$0.99 ea.

Door Tags - 3”x 8” - Surveillance

$0.99 ea.

Balloon Kit - 2 holders and 10 balloons

7 straws, 7 holders, and 7 balloons

Magnetic Realtor Sign - 5 ½” x 5”


Extra Large Open House Sign
22" x 31"

REALTOR Store Open House

Signs - 17" x 23"

$6.50 ea.
Yard Signs PRO Store Realtor Store

Riders - 4 3/4" x 18 1/8"

$3.50 ea.

Signs - 6" x 24"

$4.55 ea.

Signs - 9" x 24"

$5.00 ea.

Signs - Starburst Shape

$6.50 ea.

"A" Frames

$24.00 | $32.00

Info Tube

$10.40 ea.

Brochure Boxes

$25.90 | $13.12 | $7.30
REALOTR Store Brochure Boxes

Rider Fasteners

$1.95 | $0.75 | $0.96

Open House Balloons - 5 Pack

Available in red, yellow and blue.

Open House Registry - Spiral


St. Joseph Statue

St Joseph Statue

Logo Lapel - Pin or Magnetic


Flag with Pole


Lockbox door protector

$4.00 w/o strap, $4.50 w/strap
Assorted colors available.

Sold Sticker - Removable/Reusable


Brochure Holder


Click here to visit NAR’s REALTOR® Store, where you can purchase REALTOR®-branded merchandise, customize print materials, and more.