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Invest in your future.

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RPAC chairperson’s welcome

Dear Colleagues,

Change is a constant in our industry. Knowledge and an in-depth understanding of today’s market are two of the most important tools REALTORS® need to excel in Real Estate. But to ensure the success of our future, we need to remain constant in our commitment to protect real property rights and advocate issues that could adversely impact our industry.

This is where the REALTOR® Political Action Committee proves vital.

RPAC lobbies on behalf of all real estate professionals at national, state and local levels of government in support of the real estate community. The REALTOR Political Action Committee advocates for issues like; business rent tax, flood insurance reform, water quality, Condominium reform, and affordable housing.

It is my honor to serve as your RPAC Committee Chairperson for 2024. I am asking all members to show their commitment to our industry by supporting RPAC. Your investments will make an enormous impact!

Donate here.


Candice Kelly
RPAC Fundraising Chair 2024

Recent successes

Contributions are used to help candidates from all parties who understand and support both our interests in the real estate industry and our homeowners. Here are a few areas in which RPAC has helped you and your clients:

  • Across Florida in 2020, more than 95% of the State House and Senate candidates endorsed by Florida REALTORS® won their elections
  • Real estate industry designated as essential service
  • Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Assistance for REALTORS®
  • Payroll Protection Program available to REALTORS®
  • Prevented a sales tax on your real estate commissions
  • Flood insurance reform
  • Property tax reform
  • Affordable benefits for REALTOR® members
  • Retained the annual mortgage interest deduction
  • RPAC also played a large part in the extension of the First Time Homebuyer tax credit which aided in the revitalization of a slumping housing market by making homeownership more affordable for families across the nation.

Vote. Act. Invest.

The REALTOR® Party is a powerful alliance of REALTORS® and REALTOR® Associations working to advance public policies and candidates that build strong communities, protect property interests and promote a vibrant business environment.

Helpful Links


REALTOR® Party Orientation Video (NAR)

Pints and Politics
Pints and Politics

Have a drink and a chat with local politicians and your fellow members while supporting local busineses!

Keep on eye on our events calendar and follow PRO/CPRO on Facebook for dates.

Who we are

Get involved

Uniting of the Lions Logo
Uniting of the Lions

One of the benefits of being a top investor is having exclusive access to VIP events and communications, as well as recognized as a "Lion" among members.

RPAC Sign Waving Election Photo
During election season, our members hit the streets to get the word out about candidates we recommend. You can be a part!

Local candidate recommendation process

It’s of utmost importance that PRO/CPRO recommends candidates who have the real estate industry’s best interest at heart. Their decisions affect both REALTOR® members and members of the public. The process below shows how we arrive at recommending them:

Step One

Public Policy Committee consists of 18 REALTOR® members who serve three year terms.

Step Two

Invitations are sent to all candidates running locally for public office.

Step Three

Candidate questionnaires are required by each candidate, to be reviewed by the Public Policy Committee.

Step Four

Interviews are held in-person by all candidates on the ballot.

Step Five

Recommendations are based on how candidates align with PRO/CPRO's policy positions and electability.

Step Six

Local recommendations are announced after the Board of Directors approves Public Policy Committee's recomendations. State and federal candidates undergo further approval by corresponding committees at Florida Realtors and NAR.