RPAC Chairperson’s Welcome

Dear Colleagues,

Change is a constant in our industry. Knowledge and in-depth understanding of today’s market are two of the most important tools we as Realtors need to excel within our industry. Even with this, ensuring our future success is not always ours, alone, to control. This is where the Realtor Political Action Committee proves vital.

RPAC lobbies on behalf of all real estate professionals at all levels of government, national, state and local, in support of the real estate community. RPAC is involved where you may suspect: lobbying against a sales tax on your real estate commissions, flood insurance reform, property tax reform, affordable benefits for Realtor members, and one of the biggest issues facing homeowner’s right now – retaining the mortgage interest reduction that we can claim on our annual tax returns. RPAC also played a large part in the extension of the First Time Homebuyer tax credit which aided in the revitalization of a slumping housing market by making homeownership more affordable for families across the nation.

RPAC shows impressive commitment to its members and the security of their future. RPAC is a key piece of our business and we cannot afford to neglect it. RPAC needs our contributions to enable them to continue to lobby on our behalf and work towards finding solutions to issues that face all of us.

It is my honor to serve as your RPAC Committee Chairperson for 2020. I urge all members to show their commitment to our industry by supporting RPAC. All investments can make an enormous impact!

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Glen Richardson

RPAC Fundraising Chair 2020