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Florida was one of the top five states for purchases by foreign buyers., The National Association of REALTORS® estimated the total sales volume for foreign buyers at $121 Billion. Foreign buyers purchased more expensive homes than domestic buyers. Florida attracted buyers from Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Canada who tend to purchase properties in warm climates for vacation purposes.

Consider these facts:

  • $22.9 Billion in sales to international buyers for the year ending 7/18
  • 19% of Florida’s market (volume) was to international buyers
    • 52,000 residential properties
    • 13% of Florida’s market (units)
    • 67% made an all-cash purchase
    • 71% of foreign buyers purchased residential property for vacation, residential rental or for both uses.
    • 93% of the foreign buyers visited Florida at least once before purchasing a property

Note: The facts above were provided as part of the National Association of REALTORS® Profile of International Home Buyers in Florida study. To review the entire study, click here.

October, 2018 – The 2018 Profile of International Residential Real Estate Activity in Florida indicated that Latin American and Caribbean buyers accounted for the largest fraction of Florida foreign buyers at 36 percent. The other major buyers of real estate properties were Canadians at 22%, Europeans at 19% and Asians at 11%. While foreign buyers purchased property across the state, most foreign buyers were concentrated in five metropolitan areas:

Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach (Fifty-Four percent), Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford (nine percent), Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater (nine percent), Cape Coral-Fort Myers (five percent) and North Point-Sarasota-Bradenton (five percent).


Suncoast Global Council can help hone your skills to market to this niche!

Information: Receive firsthand news on international issues and events at the local, state, national and global levels before nonmembers.

Networking: Council members are provided with several networking programs per year to increase business connections in addition to monthly International Marketing Sessions where members can review and discuss International listings.

Education: Educational programs are designed to enhance members’ cultural and marketing general knowledge along with specific foreign markets. Legal, taxation, and cultural issues seminars provide Council members with a good foundation to work on an international transaction.

Certified International Property Specialist Designation (CIPS): Focuses specifically on the “international” market. CIPS members are the consumers’ best resource to ensure they are dealing with a professional skilled in the unique aspects of international real estate. Each year, courses are offered and you will be advised of many opportunities to win a scholarship to a CIPS class. In 2019 due to our merger with CPAR we are happy to announce that we will be offering some of our CIPS classes up in Pasco county.

Trade missions: Be a part of inbound and outbound trade missions. Suncoast Global Council did an outbound trade mission to both Bordeaux France and the Dominican Republic in 2018. For 2019 we are currently planning an inbound trade mission with Brazil in April. We are started to try to plan for an outbound trade mission in 2020. Join Suncoast Global Council and help us plan our next trade missions.

Affiliations with local organizations: Be the first to receive invitations to the Cultural Awareness exceptional education and networking events.

Leadership opportunities: The knowledge and involvement from the Suncoast Global Council could lead to opportunities to be in the pipeline for FR and NAR committee appointments including NAR President Liaison. On the local level, you have the opportunity to participate in a Committee leadership position.

Worldwide exposure: Through the PRO International website, there are volunteer opportunities for sponsored booths for events, social media presence with Suncoast Global Council Facebook page and opportunities to have articles and blogs published in PROView Weekly Newsletter and much more!


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Current Suncoast Global Council Members

This list is updated quarterly.

Haike Abraham
Mathews Abraham
Valerie Acree
Edd Allen
Gabe Alves
Luzdary (Lucy) Ambrose
Antje Anderson
Anneli Andersson Metrosky
Marisela Anzziani
Ellen Arsove
John Aucamp
Nijoko Bagus
Nancy Baird
Tammy Baldino
Christa Ballauer
Fabrice Barrault
Monika Bartoszcze
Mitch Beardsley
Taraneh Beheshti
David Bennett
Marlene Berthelot
Anastasia Bizzarri
Bethsabe Bockman-Pedersen
Carie Bourg
Dawn Bournand
Terri Bradham
Maida Brooks
Leona Broussard
Yvonne Brun
Ruth Bryson
Ioanna Burns
Andrew Cabot
Doreen Campbell-Isaacs
Marsha Cargo
Robert Cargo
Madeline Carriger
Sandra Castles
Marie-Pierre Cederman
Virginia Chacon
Cindy Chaple
Amy Chicoma
Jessica Christianson
Valie Chrzanowski
Pamela Clark
Pamela Cohn
Allen Collins
Theresa Lynn Collins
Carolina Conner
Jacqueline Coons
Robert Coscia
Marisol Davila
Alona Dishy
Lynn Dow
Sunny Duann
Jason Duraj
Amanda Dyer
Cellisa Ebanks
Ena Ebanks
Sylvia Ehinger
Angelo Famiglietti
Amy Ferguson
John Ferguson
Lise Fineran
Marlies Fischer
Ann Fleeting
George Fly
Theresa Fritzel
Carlos Fuentes
Floyd Fulford
Melody Gallion
Eugenia Garcia Olea
Kathleen Gaspari
Sharla Gast
April Gayle Gausman
H Linwood Gilbert
Georgette Gillis
Linda Goldfarb
Gisele Goncalves
Don Gonzalez
Tom Griffin
Eric Griffith
Heike Grossi
Stephanie Gruber
Sergio Guerrero
Bettina Guild
Thomas Hallis
Kelly Hamilton
Bernel Hamilton-Harris
Ling Han
Caroline Hanna
Cyndee Haydon
Bryan Heifner
Manuela Hendrickson
Paul Hendriks
Diane Herman
Jennifer Hewitt
Gail Hoffmann
Lori Hopkins
M Victoria Horstmann
Snejana Ivanov
Valerie Jarnberg
Alex John
Stephanie Johns
Audrey Johnson
Merideth Johnson
Jennifer Kerouac
Lars Kier
Marina Kloppel
Christine Knighton
Joseph Koebel
Jan Kokernot
Mediha Kolar
Livia Kujanpaa
Karen Kurzdorfer
Arian Kushta
Yvette La Pointe
Iryna Lazauskas
Vitoria Lima
Irene Lis-Planells
Norma Lopez
Wayne Lord
Karen Lucas
Brigitte Lukas-Szabady
Gloria Maciejewski
QiHong Mai
Lina Mann
Randall Martin
Martha Matthews Vasquez
Roberto Mazzoni
Michelle McCoy
Kelly Lee McFrederick
Karen Meade
Mary Meade
Sandra Mejicano
Celia Melody
Moamen Mikhail
Gro Miller
Mayda Miranda
Rebekah Moorehead
Celia Moreno
John Moriarty
Caroline Mortell
William Munette
Penny Nadar
Evelyn Nakelski
Joanna Nakouzi-Palmisano
Peggy Naruns
John Noell
Rob Osborne
Tina Osthus
Alla Panteleeva
Gerald Pappa
Elena Paredes
Rose Parsons
Lou Patanaude
Lilianna Preis
Cheryll Pricher
Gabriela Raimander
Denise Reilly
Bianca Rengifo
Bedsy Renwanz
Phillip Riek
Michele Rivera
Zoraris Rivera De Alejand
Gail Robinson
Julissa Rodas
Clifford Roe
Barbara Rowland
Myra Ruggiero
Lori Rushing Gonzalez
Stephen Sexauer
Thomas Shelly
Corina Silva
Sharon Simms
Rodger Simpson
Phillip Sinclair
Jo-Ann Sloan
Ana Smith
Brian Smith
Susan Sorensen
Regina Sotomayer
Caroline Southwell
Rebecca Stewart
Sarah Stone
Marisa Strauss
James Sutch
Ana Tague
Yvette Taylor