David B. Bennett, CAE, RCE, CMLX1

President / CEO

Phone: 727-216-3002

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Sandy Yinger

Executive Assistant

Phone: 727-216-3023

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Robert Olmstead

Director of Finance

Phone: 727-216-3024

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Paula Guzman, MBA

Financial Controller & Human Resources

Phone: 727-216-3026

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Jonathan St John

Financial & Data Analyst Manager

Phone: 727-216-3038

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Kim Simmons

Communications & Affiliate Relations Director

Phone: 727-216-3034

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Ꭰуⅼаո Маrvіո

Art & Multimedia Director

Phone: 727-216-3016

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Education and Events

Angela Emerson, MBA, RCE

Professional Development Director

Phone: 727-216-3007

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Diana Katz

Professional Development & Special Events Manager

Phone: 727-216-3009

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Member Services – Realtor Store – SUPRA Adminstration – Rentals

Cherie Darroch

Director of Member Services

Phone: 727-216-3028

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Deanna Davalos

Member Liaison

Phone: 727-216-3032

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Stella Jacobson

Member Liaison

Phone: 727-216-3021

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Carl Jones

Member Liaison

Phone: 727-216-3004

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Elaine Matos

Members Concierge

Phone: 727-216-3005

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Professional Standards

Angela Emerson, MBA, RCE

Professional Standards Administrator

Phone: 727-216-3007

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Linda Derrick

Professional Standards Manager

Phone: 727-216-3010

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Dan Cote

PROSites Manager, Web Designer / Developer and PRO Webmaster

Phone: 727-216-3033

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Government Affairs

Joe Farrell, RCE, CMLX1

Director of Governmental Affairs

Phone: 727-216-3029

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Travis Norton 

Communications & Advocacy Manager

Phone: 727-216-3036

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Central Pasco Chapter Staff

Angie Newman

Member Liaison / Building Manager

Phone: 813-948-6966 Ext. 4002

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Sandy Ingram

Member Liaison

Phone: 813-948-6966 Ext. 4004

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Cheryl Gundry

Member Liaison

Phone: 813-948-6966 Ext. 4003

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