Volunteer Opportunities

The Affiliate Committee plans mutually beneficial networking programs and events for REALTOR ® members.

Committee Chair: John Barcelo
Committee Vice-Chair: Dylan Barrie
Staff Liaison: Kim Simmons

The Awards Taskforce reviews award applications and decides who is eligible to receive local, state and/or national awards.

The Citation Program is intended to increase professionalism in the marketplace for our membership, streamline the ethics hearing process, and protect the interests of the general public. The Citation Committee reviews cases forwarded to them by the Grievance Committee. The Citation Committee hears both sides of the complaint and makes the determination to 1) assess a respondent the fine associated with the ethics violation; 2) assess a fine along with taking education classes to learn from that specific code of ethics violation, or, 3) the Citation Committee can determine that no violation actually occurred and dismiss the case.

The Commercial Investment Committee (CIC) provides public policy and legislative representation to the Commercial Realtor regarding local, state and national legislative issues and initiatives. The CIC also provides a forum for social and business interaction within the Commercial Community as well as provides educational opportunities to advance the level of professionalism therein. The CIC promotes and maintains a professional image of high standards of ethical conduct in the commercial real estate profession as expressed in the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors.

The Executive Committee conducts the affairs of this Association in accordance with the policies and instructions of the Board of Directors. The committee also modifies/ratifies the Professional Standards Committee Recommendations and hears appeals for Grievance and Professional Standards.

Florida Realtors allocates among the member boards a certain number of Directors that serve Florida Realtors for a period of one year.  The Board of Directors serve to govern the 160,000 member Florida Realtors and make decisions that benefit the entire real estate industry.  

Click here to view current list of FR Directors

The Grievance Committee investigates potentially unethical conduct/arbitration requests and forwards case to Professional Standards Committee for hearing.

Committee Chair: Matt Vigh
Committee Vice-Chair: Darlene Sheets

Staff Liaison: Angela Emerson


Through the efforts of this Committee, with the assistance of the Board of Directors, members and affiliates, support the creation of new housing options to meet the needs of our community, as well as advance fair housing and fair lending efforts. The committee’s partnerships with state and local Government Entities, Housing Authorities, Housing Counseling Agencies, Home Builders and Developers will be instrumental in addressing issues such as: housing market stability, housing affordability and fair access to housing.

My Florida Regional Multiple Listing Services

MFRMLS Directors

Mindy Rovillo, Vice President (2017-2018)     1. Standing Director (two-year term) to serve from (7/1/17-6/30/19)

Amy Seeks, Treasurer (2017-2018)         2. Additional Director (one-year term) to serve from (7/1/17-6/30/19)


My Florida Regional MLS – MLS Advisory Council

The MAC is charged with review all changes to the Multiple Listing Service, including fields and rules and regulations of the service.

Committee Chair:  Kevin Batdorf  (2017-2018)
Committee Member:  Ken Breland  (2017-2018)

MFRMLS Finance

Tom Shelly (2017-2018)

MFRMLS Building Committee

Tom Shelly (2017-2018)



PRO is allotted a certain number of National Directors based on our membership at April 1st of each year.  The NAR Board of Directors serves to govern the affairs of the 1.3 million member of the Association and make decisions that benefit the entire real estate industry.  Currently we have 3 allocated Directors and three (3) State allocated Directors on the Board of the National Association of Realtors.

National Association of Realtors Director

Tom Shelly (PRO Allocated)

Paul Hendriks (PRO Allocated)

Kevin Batdorf (PRO Allocated)

Brandi Gabbard (Florida Realtors State Allocated)

Frank Gregoire (Florida Realtors State Allocated)

Nancy Riley (Florida Realtors State Allocated)


The Nominating Committee reviews applications for officer and director positions for eligibility. Presents a recommended slate of candidates for election.

Committee Chair:  Tom Shelly
Committee Vice-Chair:  Mindy Rovillo (2017)

The Ombudsman Program in its simplest definition is informal telephone mediation between two parties. Complaints that do not expressly allege violations of specific articles of the Realtor Code of Ethics but may be transactional, technical, and/or procedural complaints that can be readily responded to may be appropriate for the Ombudsman program. In some cases the Ombudsman can address and solve minor complaints from the public as well as solve inter- Realtor conflicts before they become serious problems. Like a mediator, an ombudsman helps parties find solutions.

Every day issues affecting the real estate industry are discussed in DC, Tallahassee and City Hall. This committee meets regularly to discuss important issues facing Realtors and decides whether the association needs to actively advocate for or against an issue. The committee also evaluates candidates for public office based on real estate issues, and recommends to the Board of Directors the candidates to support.

Every day issues affecting the real estate industry are discussed in DC, Tallahassee and City Hall. This committee meets regularly to discuss important issues facing Realtors and decides whether the association needs to actively advocate for or against an issue. The committee also evaluates candidates for public office based on real estate issues, and recommends to the Board of Directors the candidates to support.

The Pinellas International Council (PIC) can help you hone your skills to market in the International Real Estate Market.  Florida accounted for the largest share at 22 percent of total U.S. residential home sales to international clients, which the National Association of REALTORS® estimated at $102.6 Billion. Florida attracted buyers from Latin America, Europe, and Canada who tend to purchase properties in warm climates for vacation purposes.

Note:  Annual Membership in PIC is $25.

Information: Receive firsthand news on international issues and events at the local, state, national and global levels before nonmembers.

Networking: Council members are provided with several networking programs per year to increase business connections in addition to monthly International Marketing Sessions where members can review and discuss International listings.

Education: Educational programs are designed to enhance members’ cultural and marketing general knowledge along with specific foreign markets. Legal, taxation, and cultural issues seminars provide Council members with a good foundation to work on an international transaction.

Certified International Property Specialist Designation (CIPS): Focuses specifically on the “international” market. CIPS members are the consumers’ best resource to ensure they are dealing with a professional skilled in the unique aspects of international real estate. Each year, courses are offered and you will be advised of many opportunities to win a scholarship to a CIPS class.

Trade missions: Be a part of inbound and outbound trade missions. PIC participated in the Inbound Trade Mission held in Orlando, August 2010 and is currently planning another outbound Trade Mission for 2018. PIC’s Outbound Trade Mission to Mexico was held in October 2010 and the Trade Mission to Costa Rica was held in July 2015.

Affiliations with local organizations: Be the first to receive invitations to the Cultural Awareness exceptional education and networking events.

Leadership opportunities: The knowledge and involvement from the PIC could lead to opportunities to be in the pipeline for FR and NAR committee appointments including NAR President Liaison. On the local level, you have the opportunity to participate in a Committee leadership position.

Worldwide exposure: Through the PRO International website, there are volunteer opportunities for sponsored booths for events, social media presence with PIC Facebook page and opportunities to have articles and blogs published in PROView Weekly Newsletter and much more!

Committee Chair: Denise Reilly
Committee Vice-Chair: Martha Matthews Vasquez

Staff Liaison: Jan Dean

The foundation is a public foundation register with the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Florida as a 501 (1) c 3 organization.  It mission to provide educational opportunities along with disaster relief to those in need.  We have support organization like Ronald McDonald House, John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, Pinellas Opportunity Council, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Big Brother Big Sister.

President and CEO:  David B. Bennett, CAE (Trustee and voting member)

Mindy Rovillo, Chair

Victor Adamo, Trustee

Brandi Gabbard, Trustee

Carolyn Kling, Trustee

Amy Seeks, Trustee

Heather Smith, Trustee

Jo Ann Sloan, Trustee

Leon Sarkisian, Trustee


Pat Ivers, Trustee


Pinellas Realtor Organization offers reasonably-priced marketing tools essential for establishing yourself as a professional in your niche market and field.

David Bennett, President/CEO

Carolyn Kling, Chair

Mindy Rovillo, Vice Chair

Victor Adamo, Secretary


Amy Seeks, Treasurer

Information about Leasing and Property Management Council

This council is made up of PRO members that are uniquely qualified in the Leasing and Property Management field and are dedicated in supporting our members to become proficient and professional when leasing or managing property.  The council works together to design and provide our membership with quality networking, featured speakers on leasing and property management topics, and smaller workshops.

This group has recognized that with a market shift from residential sales to rental properties, there are unique challenges in this aspect of real estate and have volunteered their expertise to support their fellow agents in learning those unique nuances.

Many of our council members are also involved in the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM).  PRO and NARPM often work together to provide affordable, enhanced Leasing and Property Management education offerings.

Committee Chair: Tom Gaspari
Committee Vice-Chair: Patti Rudski

The Professional Standards Committee enforces Code of Ethics through hearing panels and recommends appropriate penalties for Code violations.

Committee Chair: Eleanor Kirby
Committee Vice-Chair: Heather Foderingham

Staff Liaison: Evelyn Satriano

Every day issue effecting the real estate industry are discussed in DC, Tallahassee, and City Hall.  This 20 member committee meets monthly to discuss important issues facing Pinellas County Realtors, and decide whether the association needs to actively advocate for or against an issue.  The committee also evaluates candidates for public office based on real estate issues, and recommends to the board of directors the candidates to support.

Committee Chair: Cyndee Haydon
Committee Vice-Chair: Mindy Rovillo

Staff Liaison:  Joe Farrell

Pinellas Realtor Organization PAC is organized to assist our members who desire to hold elected office in the local community and to provide financial support for issues that impact local real estate economy and the quality of life in our community.  The PRO PAC is governed by a five (5)  member Board of Trustees that is responsible to the membership for the proper use of these designated funds.

This committee is charged with planning and executing the annual RPAC, fundraising campaign and various events with staff support.  The proceeds of the event are used to financially support candidates and issues vital to the real estate industry.  RPAC is a tool to support champions of the real estate industry in elected office.  It has done so successfully for over 40 years.

Committee Chair:  Ken Breland
Committee Vice-Chair: Rachel Sartain

Staff Liaison:  Joe Farrell

The program aligns a Realtor Member and an elected official to keep open lines of communication with our elected officials and to provide solid information for good public policy in our community.

Staff Liaison: Joe Farrell


Michael Bindman                                St. Pete Mayor Rick Kriseman


Cyndee Haydon                                  Dunedin City Councilwoman Heather Gracy

                                                               Dunedin City Councilman Moe Freaney

                                                               Rep Chris Sprowls

                                                               Tarpon Springs City Councilwoman Rea Sieber

                                                               Pinellas County Property Appraiser Mike Twitty


Gay Moser                                          Dunedin Mayor Julie Bujalski


Melissa Honeycutt                              City of Largo Mayor Woody Brown


Nelah Parker                                       Pinellas County Commissioner John Morroni


Ben Friedlander                                Pinellas County Commissioner Charlie Justice

                                                             State Rep. Ben Diamond


Tom Steck                                          Pinellas County Commissioner Ken Welsh

                                                             State Senator Daryl Rouson


Kathryn Larkin                                    Pinellas County Commissioner Janet Long


Tom Shelly                                          Pinellas County Commissioner Karen Seel

                                                               State Representative Larry Ahern

Mindy Rovillo                                      Seminole City Councilman Roger Edelman

Kevin Batdorf                                      St. Petersburg City Councilman Ed Montanari

Tami Simms                                        St. Petersburg City Councilman Steve Kornell

Nancy Riley                                         State Senator Jeff Brandes

Brandi Gabbard                                  State Representative Chris Latvala

Nancy Riley                                         State Representative Kathleen Peters

Paul Hendriks                                     State Representative Wengay Newton

If you are a young REALTOR®, or just young-at-heart, the Young Professionals Network may be for you. YPN offers a way for members to get involved in charitable activities, attend unique and fun networking events, hone their industry knowledge, and grow their leadership skills.

Committee Chair: Cody Limberger
Committee Vice-Chair: 

Staff Liaison: Travis Norton