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Commercial PRO

PRO/CPRO's own commercial designation program

About the Commercial PRO certification

Master the commercial real estate field. Each session is dedicated to the different property types – retail space, multifamily units, office space, industrial space, and vacant land. Since [YEAR], PRO/CPRO has offered this certification, taught by leading real estate instructors such as NAME, NAME, NAME… Add some more sentences. We have to SELL THIS to members. WHY should they take it?

Please note, this is not an NAR certification; it is exclusive to PRO/CPRO.

commercial pro graduates
Commercial PRO graduates in 2019.


The Commercial PRO certification is earned by completing a set of five classes offered by PRO/CPRO. Add some more sentences. We have to SELL THIS to members.


Do they have to take them all within the same year or can they overlap?

Is this offered just once yearly?

They only have to pass all the classes? no fees or or other pre-reqs?