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Stellar MLS

A stellar partnership

As a member of PRO/CPRO you may also be a member of Stellar MLS. While the two entities work hand-and-hand, they are separate in function, management, leadership, and support. While a few aspects of MLS membership may be handled by PRO/CPRO, contacting Stellar MLS directly is the best course of action for most MLS-related concerns.

Please check out the FAQ below for help with common MLS concerns.


The dues (National, State and Local) are invoiced by PRO/CPRO in mid-October and due December 1st. You can view and pay your invoice at pinellasrealtor.org through the Membership login. Click here. 

If you do not remember your password, you can simply call Member Support at 727-347-7655.

MLS is billed by Stellar MLS in April and is due mid-May. The payment link is available when you are logged in to Stellar MLS at www.stellarMLS.com

Visit this page from Stellar MLS about listing distribution: https://www.stellarmls.com/distribution

Click here to log into your membership account. If you do not remember your password, you can simply call Member Support at 727-347-7655. Updates made through us are sent to FR, NAR, and Stellar MLS. It can take two business days to update.

Click here to visit Stellar MLS’ “Shareholder and Customer Organizations” page.

Included with your Stellar MLS membership is access to MLS Advantage. Call Stellar MLS at 800-6386-7451 for more information.

There could be many reasons.
Did you pay your MLS fees?
Did you complete your required MLS courses?
These questions can be answered by Stellar MLS at 800-686-7451.

If you have had a change of brokers, but have not notified PRO/CPRO, please click here to fill out the Online Transfer form. There is a $25.00 transfer fee.

If you need information on listing transfers, please click here.

If you are new to Stellar MLS, you are required to take MLS Basic and MLS Compliance. If you will be adding and editing your own listings, you will also be required to take the Adding and Modifying Listings course. You have 60 days to complete the first two classes. Every two years you will be required to take a Compliance Refresher Course. Stellar MLS will email you a reminder when your deadline approaches. If you do not complete their class requirements, they will suspend your account.

Click here to visit “Stellar MLS University”.

A) MLS Compliance is a class required by Stellar MLS within the first 60 days of joining. The class can be found by clicking here. The MLS Compliance Refresher class will be required every two years. Stellar MLS will send you an email reminder when it is due.

B) National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics class is a requirement of every new member within 60 days of joining PRO/CPRO. There are two options:

  1. Complete the free online course through the National Association of REALTORS® by clicking here. You may complete this class in one or many sessions. If you have any questions, please contact NAR 800-874-6500.
  2. You may take a Code of Ethics class in the classroom. There is a nominal fee associated with this option. You may register by visiting the PRO/CPRO Education and Events Calendar here.

Please note: Every two years you will be required to complete the Code of Ethics class. Not only is this a requirement for the National Association of REALTORS®, but it counts as CE credit for renewal of your real estate license.

These requirements were set in place by Stellar MLS. Please contact Stellar MLS at 800-686-7451 with your concerns.

Your requirement to join MLS depends on your broker’s membership. All brokers agree that within 30 days anyone who joins their office will join the REALTOR® association and MLS where the broker has membership. If your broker gets Stellar MLS though us and only through us, then you must also get MLS through us. If your broker has MLS also with another MLS service, then you can choose which MLS to belong to. Please note that you also have “board of choice” if your broker has more than one board membership.