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Facility Rental Agreement

Licensed Space
For and in consideration of the sum hereinafter specified, the Lessor Pinellas Suncoast Association of REALTORS®, Inc. dba Pinellas REALTOR® Organization & Central Pasco REALTOR® Organization (PRO/CPRO) grants to the Lessee permission to use the following rooms on the following date and times in the Lessor’s facility for the sole purpose of holding a business meeting or company educational events. (Changes within 24 hours may require an additional set up fee.)

Pinellas REALTOR® Organization & Central Pasco REALTOR® Organization (PRO/CPRO) members and Affiliate Business Partner members will be granted the “member” rates. Non-PRO/CPRO members will be subject to the “non-member” rates.

PRO/CPRO members will not be allowed to extend their rental membership privileges to a non-member, nor will a non-member be able to use a PRO/CPRO member to make a reservation in order to get the member rates. If a non-member wishes to use the PRO/CPRO facility, they may either pay the non-member rates, or they may join PRO/CPRO as a REALTOR® or Affiliate Business Partner member and will then be granted the member rates. Any violation of a non-member using a member to make a reservation for them may result in a revocation of rental privileges for both the non-member and the member.

Lessee agrees to restrict its use to the identified purposes, and not to use or permit the use of the premises for any other purpose without first obtaining consent of the Lessor. Lessee acknowledges that no smoking is permitted in the building at any time.

No alcohol is permitted without proof of liability insurance and a liquor license.

The Pinellas Realtor Organization assumes no responsibility or liability of alcohol served on premises.

Fees and Terms
Confirmation of your room rental is guaranteed when the online Facility Rental Agreement has been accepted, payment in full, and $500.00 security deposit (applicable to non-members) are received by the Lessor.

If Lessee has not made full payment of all rental amounts and fees, and/or has not provided the required non-member $500.00 security deposit within ten (10) business days of receipt of the online Facility Rental Agreement, the rental is subject to cancellation by the Lessor without further notice

A $500.00 security deposit is required of non-members, and must be submitted with full payment of all rental amounts and fees. PRO/CPRO members are NOT required to submit a security deposit, but must agree to the online Facility Rental Agreement. No reservation for a non-member will be confirmed without the security deposit.
The use of the facilities shall be strictly confined to the limits set forth in the lease. The rental is on a “four wall” basis and includes lighting, climate control, water, room setup, restroom facilities and standard housekeeping services.

Event specifications are to be provided to the PRO/CPRO Rental Coordinator at least ten (10) business days in advance of the rental so ample time can be given to make any special arrangements.

Additional charges will be assessed for unusual requirements and/or cleanup, if required.

Lessee hereby agrees to accept full responsibility and to indemnify and hold harmless Lessor from all of the acts of all their guests, caterers and other invitees. Lessee hereby agrees to comply with all laws and ordinances of any governmental body and the rules and regulations of the Lessor.

Marketing material must be approved before distribution, any violation will breach the rental agreement.

It must be clearly stated in 12 point type that “this is not a PRO/CPRO sponsored or endorsed event”

No use of the PRO/CPRO logo or building in any of your marketing of the program or event.


A $500 security deposit is required for non-members with payment of all rental amounts and fees. The room reservation will not be made until the online Facility Rental Agreement has been accepted, payment in full and security deposit (applicable to non-members) are received. Lessee assumes all financial responsibility for any and all damage to the building, rooms, equipment (including but not limited to tables, chairs, riser, podium, laptop, retractable walls, ovens, coffee urns, etc.) and grounds which occur during the term of the lease. A walk-through with the PRO/CPRO Rental Coordinator and the Lessee will take place both right before and right after the rental period to assess any damage via the Facility Damage Report.

The security deposit will be retained in a non-interest bearing account and the entire deposit will be refunded within thirty (30) days after the function, if everything is satisfactory. At the end of the event the Lessor will assess any damage to the facilities and document the damage with photographs. The PRO/CPRO Rental Coordinator will assess fees based on any damage. Lessee understands that such liability is not limited to the amount of the security deposit and agrees to be responsible for the entire amount of the damages. If damages are assessed to the Lessee per the Facility Rental Agreement, said credit card will be charged the entire amount of the damages.

Facility Cleaning and Repairs
Lessee must leave the facility in the same good condition as it was found. Lessee must remove all food and beverage items and place them in the trash receptacles at the end of the event. A mandatory $25.00 clean-up fee will be assessed for all rentals. If the equipment, tables and chairs have been moved, they must be reset in the original order to avoid an additional clean-up fee. Using more than one (1) auditorium for an extended period of time may result in additional clean-up fees assessed at $25.00 each for room and restroom refreshes during the day, which will be coordinated by PRO/CPRO. A mandatory $250.00 fee will also be assessed if foreign objects (diapers, sanitary napkins, paper towels, etc.) are placed in the toilets and require the services of a plumber.

The facilities should be shown the same respect as a home. Lessee will be charged for repairs and/or replacements for any damage or activity beyond normal wear and tear to carpeting, equipment, or to the facility. Damages to the facility or its equipment must be reported immediately to the PRO/CPRO Attendant staffing the event.

Cancellation of Facility Rental Agreement (Contract)
The Lessor reserves the right to provide at least ten (10) business days notice of cancellation for contracted rentals with full refund of all fees paid. If the Lessee cancels a contracted rental at least ten (10) business days prior to the scheduled date, the security deposit will be refunded. If less than ten (10) days notice is given by the Lessee of cancellation of a contracted rental, the deposit and any fees paid will be returned only if the same date, time and room(s) are booked by another party. If not, the deposit will be forfeited. The PRO/CPRO Rental Coordinator will not actively seek another booking. In the event of any default hereunder, the Lessee shall pay all costs, expenses and attorney’s fees incurred by Lessor and the Attendant in enforcing this Agreement or collecting any amount due to the Lessor by Lessee.

All no-call no-show rentals will be assessed a fee. The Lessee must pay the attendant fee for the time the attendant stayed on the premises. The amount of your no-call no-show fee will be consistent of 50% of your rental fee. All cancellations must be received a minimum of (5) five days prior to your event.


For rentals outside normal PRO/CPRO business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm), an Attendant identified by the Lessor, is required to be on the premises. The Lessor specifically reserves the right to determine the number of Attendants required for all events. AT LEAST ONE ATTENDANT IS REQUIRED ON THE PREMISES FOR THE DURATION OF YOUR EVENT FOR SECURITY AND ORGANIZATIONAL PURPOSES.

The rental does not include Attendants to serve as stagehands, door guards, patron services representatives, private security, police, or janitors.
Attendant duties include, but are not limited to: coffee and water setup, monitoring A/C and heating, microphones, restrooms and building security checks. Attendants are the only individuals authorized to operate the air conditioning/heating system, retractable walls, and the Lessor’s audio/visual equipment. Please note that during PRO/CPRO normal business hours the PRO/CPRO Rental Coordinator/Attendant’s primary function is to fulfill job duties to provide service for our members. He/she will attend to rentals as needed, but is not meant to provide full event support.

Lessee agrees to pay attendant fee as agreed upon with the PRO/CPRO Rental Coordinator. The fee of $20 per hour is paid directly to the Attendant before the event.


PRO/CPRO has a fully equipped state of the art audio visual system; therefore, the lessee may not use their own laptop/equipment. Presentations must be loaded to a flash drive or uploaded to the cloud. Special acceptations will be made on a case by case basis for Apple users.

Lessee understands and accepts the Lessee has no rights to enter or use areas of the facility not specifically contracted for herein, including but not limited to, administrative offices, other meeting rooms, the catering kitchen, audio visual control room, REALTOR® Store, etc. Lessee also understands and accepts that the Lessor shall have the right to enter any portion of the facility during the Lessee’s rental period.

To prevent damage to the facility, Lessee agrees not to attach items to any wall, floor, door, or ceiling unless the Lessor first provides written permission and instructions. No glitter or confetti allowed.

The Health Department requires that all food served FOR RESALE must be prepared by licensed caterers.


Due to City noise ordinances, lessees must control noise after 11:00 pm. Lessee will be liable for the behavior of their guests at all times.

Solicitations of donations are prohibited in or around the Lessor’s facilities without express written consent from the Lessor.

All exits must be clear of any obstructions to conform to fire and safety regulations. No exits can be secured preventing anyone’s exit capability.

The Lessor’s phone number shall not be used on any promotional materials for Lessee’s event.
Lessee shall not state or infer that its program, product or service is in any way supported or endorsed by the Lessor. If Lessee’s program, product or service is intended for, or is being marketed to, PRO/CPRO members, Lessee shall advise attendees that its program, product or service is not endorsed by the Lessor.


Lessee hereby indemnifies and holds Lessor harmless against all liabilities, claims and demands for personal injury or property damage arising out of or caused by any act or omission of Lessee, its agents or employees, arising in or about the premises at any time from the effective date of this agreement until rental period has terminated.

Florida Law and Jurisdiction to Control Disputes

This agreement shall be construed, governed and interpreted pursuant to the laws of the State of Florida. Any claim or dispute arising out of or relating to this agreement, or the breach thereof, shall be determined by litigation in the appropriate court of the State of Florida, located in Pinellas County, and Lessee hereby submits to the jurisdiction and venue of said court.
The Lessor or its employees shall not be responsible for any merchandise and/or equipment left in or on the property.

Attorneys’ Fees

If either party brings an action or proceeding to enforce the terms hereof or declare rights hereunder, the Prevailing Party (as hereafter defined) in any such proceedings, action or appeal thereon, shall be entitled to reasonable attorneys’ fees. Such fees may be awarded in the same suit or recovered by separate suit, whether or not such action or proceeding is pursued to decision or judgment. The term “Prevailing Party” shall include, without limitation, a party who substantially obtains or defeats the relief sought, as the case may be, whether by compromise, settlement, judgment or the abandonment by the other party of its claim or defense. The attorneys’ fee award shall not be computed in accordance with any court fee schedule, but shall be such as to fully reimburse all attorneys’ fees reasonably incurred. The attorneys’ fees shall include all matters such as pretrial, trial, appellate, post-trial and bankruptcy proceedings. Should arbitration occur, it will take place in Pinellas County, FL.


For value received and in consideration for and as an inducement to Lessor making the Facility Rental Agreement with the Lessee, the undersigned, on behalf of itself, its legal representatives, successors and assigns, guaranties to Lessor, Lessor’s successors and assigns, the full performance and observance of all of the provisions in the Facility Rental Agreement to be performed and observed by the Lessee, without requiring any notice of nonpayment, non-performance or non-observance, or proof or notice, or demand, all of which the undersigned expressly waives and expressly agrees that the validity of this agreement and the obligations of the undersigned guarantor shall not be terminated, affected or impaired by reason of the assertion by Lessor against Lessee of any of the rights or remedies reserved to Lessor pursuant to the provisions of the Facility Rental Agreement. In the event the Lessor incurs any expenses in the enforcement of this guaranty, whether legal action be instituted or not, the undersigned agrees to be liable for same (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) and to pay same promptly on demand by Lessor.